Saturday, March 08, 2014

Our week in photos

This week I am a day late with my InstaFriday post... but at least I made it. These are not in the order they were taken (I am in a rush)

Yes, I went out there with my kids' chair just to take a photo for fun. I just liked the idea of a contrast that the red chair would create with the snow. Well, at least I provided some entertainment for the neighbors ;-)

I finished this leg warmer, which is a gift for someone ;-) My first time doing embroidery... EVER! Now I want to do that on every single of my creations - it gives the leg warmer some spark, doesn't it?

My name is... (I am a part of #fmsphotoaday on Instragram)

This week the kids and I finally planted our seeds. It should have happened at least a week ago but again, at least it happened. The weather is pushing us back a bit.

First time I made home made tortillas! I had this on my mind for at least a year so why did it take me so long? Good question. These were awesome! I will make them fresh from now on!

Like the Yoga Girl says - "Yoga Every Damn Day"... I wish... but I will take what I get :-)

That's it for our lives this week... we were too busy, having too much fun, work, and homeschool... Have great weekend!

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