Monday, May 04, 2015

Ideas on How to decorate with Potted Plants

It seems that freezing temperatures are a thing of the past in our area so it's time to plant those pots and decorate the deck! I would like to share my tips for interesting combinations of annuals that I use to decorate our back porch...

I love combining all kinds of plants for their shape and color, and I also like adding little knick knacks  to the whole set up.

I add various grasses to the pots as well. Different sizes and colors of petunias add all kinds of fun to the pot! 

Here you can see more knick knacks - a wind chime is a must on my porch ;-)

Moving along my porch... I have some small pots on the ground. I like to combine different pots as well to keep the flow interesting. There is also a handy watering can that the kids use to water our plants. You can see my hardy fern peaking into the picture. I have ha sit for years now, storing it inside over the winter.

A close up of my variety...

Marigolds are so easy to grow from seed! I have two pots of these every year on the same spot and I add some to my other pots for variety.

This petunia pot was my Mother's day present! You can see the marigolds peaking in the background. 

Here is a little table decoration that I end up moving around for change of set up.

 To summarize the tricks I like to use:
  • Crowd the pots with as many plants as you can fit
  • Add variety of ornamental grasses
  • Use different kinds of plants
  • Use different colors
  • Use different shapes and sizes
  • Mix up the pots a bit
  • Add some knick knacks to your display
  • Hang up pots or place them on the table or the ground


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