Tuesday, September 13, 2011

our new homeschool room

With new school year comes a new classroom!!! Today we started our new homeschooling year and we are so excited about it. Both boys tested on kindergarten level, so we will be focusing on a higher level than we originally planned. Tuptus has been reading level 1 books with no problem and he calls (my favorite) BOB books "not-the-real-books". Adi has a great imagination, drawing and building things out of blocks and Legos. I think we are on a great way to a great year.
So take a look at our new place ;-)

We have a limited space only in our basement with very little natural light. We still make it work.

My favorite art corner!!!

Our bulletin board serves as an inspirational corner for the kids. Also to remind them what we are learning about. 

This is where our new giant black board will be. I hope I will have time soon to paint this green wall black all over. 

And this is how it looks now. The kids love it!