Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saying Good Bye to Our Turkeys

... is never easy for me. This was our second year of raising turkeys for food and both times we grew close to them. They are so social and fun. 

Our turkeys have a big enough pen to sleep in and spend minimum time in (usually just waiting till we make our way outside to let them out). And then they roam the backyard all day. They do minimal damage - we only have to get rid of their poop. They don't dig like chickens do. After about 6 months, they seem to grow way big for their own good. We fed them organic chicken feed (layer) and then they ate whatever they wanted around the yard. When we weighed them, after everything was done, they came out to be 41 pounds each. Say what? Last year the turkey was "only" 26.2 pounds. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The "Odd" Vegetables

I just thought I would share some fun photos of my odd shaped vegetables this year. I was thinking carrots might be eventful but nothing odd about them ;-)

The "J" Zucchini

The Bumpy Tomato

The Other "J" Cucumber

 The "Uptight" Tomato

Monday, November 04, 2013

Behind the scenes - Say hello to the farmers

This year I finally decided to have my friend take some professional pictures of our family and our little farm ;-) Usually it's me who is behind the lens so it was time for to switch. I will use some of the pictures for our Christmas card, some for my Facebook page profile picture and blog profile picture, and couple for canvas prints that will help decorate our house.
Yes, we got some good ones but I simply had to share the funny, behind the scenes photos that came with it ;-)

How is this one for a farming bliss?
Trying to catch our pet chicken Brownie since I so desperately wanted her to be in at least one shot... No, T doesn't want to smack her over her head with a plastic bunny... he is just trying to be helpful and removing obstacles that are in my way ;-)
And she didn't make it into any of the pictures...

Is it really that difficult to hold a chicken for 5 minutes? Apparently yes ;-)
And this happened after I said to my husband to hold her because the kids will surely let her go lol

No way can this family photo happen without some wing flapping

Look who is in the spotlight now...

Here is some turkey love!