Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lethargic baby chick

As I mentioned in my post before, we got three pet chickens, that will be half everyone else's size and fancy looking! We are very excited about them and can't wait till the grow up so we can see how they will look. However, one of them wasn't looking too good since day one. Here she is - eyes always closed, sitting in one spot, never eating or drinking, and looking very weak. 

I did some research and found out that besides some chicken vitamins, I can use sugar water to give her some energy and get her started. So I used organic raw sugar and lukewarm water and gave it to her using a dropper. She wasn't opening her beak very well at first but when she got taste of the water, she started drinking it more. I gave her half the dropper and put her back in the box.

At first she was looking around and then all of a sudden she started walking around, she found water and spent lots of time drinking it. She slowly found her way to the feeder and ate some food from the ground. 

It has been over a week now since I treated her with simple sugar water and she is as alive as can be. (the above picture is from the same day I treated her - I will update her photo on the Facebook tomorrow if I get a good shot) She is the smallest of them all but the cutest and the biggest warrior. You should see her trying to fight the crowd to get to the feeder! i am amazed how this simple "medicine" worked. And I am happy we saved her. Now we have to think of her name :-)


Patty said...

Name her. Warrior chick. Lol

Unknown said...

I'm happy she's doing so well now! Good job on the sugar water :) How about Xena (the warrior princess)?
This brings back memories of a chick I once found. She was adopted by a very sweet lady, but "my" chick kept trying to come indoors and sit with her cats at first instead of making friends with her other chickens. It was probably because the chicken stayed indoors with me before I found her the good home, and I have cats, oops. All the best with your cute chicks!

Anonymous said...

Im having trouble with my home grown chick fuzzy pickles “. I’ve tried egg yolk, water and poached egg. I will try sugar water tomorrow. I pray it works. Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm having 5he same probably my 4 yr old caught the second chick and it isn't doing to well tried to give it back to mama and she wouldn't take it I'm freaking out cause my daughter is in love with her but she's super tiny and very week she can't stand on her own and seems sick but I know nothing about chicks

Jennifer Dearinger said...

I have trouble knowing when to give egg water versus treating for coccidiosis.