Friday, March 21, 2014

Our week in photos - InstaFriday

It was a special week over at our backyard farm! It started with a Birthday weekend that was just too much fun!

My special people got a great morning ready for me... It was full of sweets, flowers, handmade cards, and hugs and kisses! What else could birthday mama want?

The same day my special sister-in-law/awesome friend took me downtown to a Nutella Bar and also to meet this inspirational lady - Alejandra from the Home Organizing YouTube channel. 

What would be a weekend without a trip to an ice cream shop?

And on Tuesday we had a special visit in our art class from Georgia O'Keeffe! Even though the kids knew she wasn't real, they acted so giddy and shy ;-)

My girl and I are trying the magic of selfies ;-)

Hello ladies! They miss us during the winter not causing a riot in the yard.

At some point we took a family walk/bike ride. Please Spring, bring us some warmer weather finally!

What is left over from all the snow. The girls are so scared of that white stuff that this is the first time they were out of their coup for months. And look, they are still hanging carefully in the crowd, trying to stay away from it ;-)

Today, Friday, I got lucky that Whiney let me pick her up... She is usually shy but now she is sitting on eggs so this is supper easy. But of course, not good for her at all - poor girl thinks she is going to be a mama. So I enjoyed the backyard stroll with my girl in my arms.

Looking back at Insta - my week was pretty blessed! Here is to another. If you would like to follow me I am @littlebackyardfarm

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