Saturday, March 15, 2014

InstaFriday - our week in photos

What a week of crazy weather over here at our little backyard farm! We finally got to 50s, only to go back down and get some good snow storm in the middle of the week. By today, the snow is nearly gone again ;-) Take a look at how we managed to have fun thought all this.

Drive to the city! We were taking the kids on a field trip!

A photo from the Museum of Science and Industry... kids think it's the coolest place on Earth - as think the mothers ;-)

Here comes the fresh snow. Our little backyard farm got completely covered - only for 2 days...

Another great excuse to get out of school, but how can you say no? This might be just about the last time we get to sled before the spring comes. They both finished school work fast and we went out to have some fun.

... and we got to snuggle our girls! They are due for some attention ;-)

I hope your week was as blessed as ours and have a great weekend everyone!

I am joining the InstaFriday over at LifeRearranged

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