Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the not so creative day

Have you ever had one of those days? 

You want to create something so badly! But it's just not coming... That's what happened to me today. Yesterday, just to make things clear, I sat down during my two-hour break and my work was sliding through my fingers with the smoothest motion. I mean my project was coming along so well and the sawing machine was my best friend. Now back to today... My head was full of ideas for my Etsy shop. But of course, lots of ideas - and not so much time. Today I sat down in my room (which is almost organized), ready to finish a little girl skirt, which I started, but nothing went right. My sawing machine was not cooperating, the ideas were all wrong, and then my baby woke up earlier than usual. Being adventurous as I am, I decided to finish it with her in the room... lol. She wanted to help by giving me the pins. Yes, the sharp, pointy things you use to stab the fabric with. And you know what, I let her. That's how desperate I was. Together we almost finished the skirt without any major casualties. Now, of course, I am not sure if I am satisfied with the outcome (I think I need to make just one more).
After having four kids playing in my house, while I was trying to make dinner and finish laundry, the evening came and instead of going down to create, I feel more like laying on the couch and watching a movie. Glass of red wine and an ice cream sundae might fix it all. And you know what? I might just put two cherries on top today.

P.S.: Yes, the above photo is a sneak peak into my newly almost organized craft room!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Blog Party

I am very excited to attend my first Blog Party tomorrow in Western Springs! I can't wait to meet some fellow bloggers and hopefully get some tips and ideas for my blog and Etsy shop. For now, I am only partially ready. Here is my swapping item.

Still lots to finish and I am at work now so I can't work on it. Tomorrow morning will have to do. ;-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I finished on time!

I am so excited! I got to knit again! It was a little speed-knitting but I just enjoyed it so much. My friend Anne's baby girl had a one year birthday and I wanted to give her something thoughtful. I know how much Anne likes hand made hats so I knitted her one. I thought of it only 3 days prior to the party and so I had to do it quickly. But I finished. And now I am thinking about my store... Should I include knitted hats? What do you think?

I knitted more but I don't have the pictures of my creations! What a shame. Well, what do you think? Would these sell on Etsy? (No matter what, I am working on some baby leg warmers for my store right now ;-))

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Feel free to feel bad for me ...

Yes, it has come down to this in my craft room...

So now I am in the process of cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing my creative place. Wish me luck, this will take a while ;-)