Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Start Your Garden This Year - Part 1.

You know you want to! You have always thought about it but maybe thought that it would be too difficult or too much work... I am not going to lie, you will not be able to eat fresh tomatoes this summer if you sit in your chair all day. But to tell you the truth, gardening is not that much of hard work - most work happens at the beginning and then you just maintain what you created.

Imagine picking this amount of produce almost every day during the summer months!

If you made that first and the most important decision, so now what is next...

You need to make another decision - will you start your seeds indoors by yourself or when the time comes to plant outside, will you purchase seedlings from the store? Personally, for your first year, my advice is to wait and purchase the plants when you are ready with your garden beds. But if you are the adventurous type, or this is your second year, or you have kids who would completely LOVE this activity, you can start some of your seeds indoors. If you would like to do that, go over to my posts from last year and gather your supplies.

Go here for supplies list

Last year I created  post about what plants to seed indoor and which ones will do just fine if you seed them directly outside into your garden bed. After reading my blog post from last year, go buy your seeds! Organic non-GMO is the way to go!

Go here for list of plants

And finally it's time to plant. 

Go here for your first steps 

I also have a post on how to thin your seedlings and other useful tips right here.

I hope you are excited about this decision! It will bring you back to your roots, it will connect you with earth, it will give you energy, and you will spend great time outside and away from the TV. Did I mention the joy and pride you will feel picking your own produce? Don't you wish that learning about how to grow your food would have been taught at school... What more do we need to survive than food?

Come back for part 2 - How to pick the best location and building your garden beds!

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