Friday, February 28, 2014

Our week in photos

We are pretty much over winter around here but the winter is not saying good bye to us :-( We are suppose to get more snow in the next 2 days. We are trying to beat the blues, go on with our school and hang out with our friends. Here is a peak into the past week at our little backyard farm. 

We got some oranges from my friend so I pulled out this good old fashion style juicer ;-) 

I collect postcards... now if I could just find the best place to display them... Take a look at the Postcrossing website if you are interested in receiving some awesome snail mail ;-)

It was time for field trip! We always look for free days at local museums and other attractions for kids. This time we went to the aquarium.

The best dog in the world! He lets the kids do whatever... But I wouldn't want to be a stranger coming up to our yard ;-)

School in pajamas... telling time... Eeboo games are the best! Homeschooling rocks!!!

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