Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello everyone, and welcome to my little backyard farm. I am joining InstaFriday over at Jeannett for the very first time. While you are here, please stay a while and look around. If you would like to follow me on Instagram I am Monika over at littlebackyardfarm

I love when B wear pins in her hair. That happens so rarely that I almost always take  a picture of it. #thepleatedpoppy (who is sadly closing her shop)

I am ready to start researching crop for this year. There is no end in sight to this winter so this is bringing me closer to Spring. 

Every Tuesday we have pasta for dinner and this week we were actually out of pasta. There was only one option for me since I had the house full of kids - pull out my magic machine. It always turns out that making homemade pasta is actually so easy and I should do it more often. 

The girls are laying again! Molting is over, bring on the omelets!

 Kids were having good old fashion fun with some blankets... Starting school will be pretty painful ;-)

I love listening to her telling me stories. This sequence puzzle is perfect for that.

It's Valentine's Day everyone! We love our backyard birds - we made them some peanut butter treats during our Valentine's Day Party!

This is it for me! What a wonderful week we had! Now if only the cold would give up ;-)


Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I too have been pouring over my seed catalogs. I love looking through them over and over!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

yes, i keep tweeting #springcomesoon in hopes that mother nature is listening...she isn't...we just got another 10 inches of snow last night :-) i just followed you on instagram, would love for you to follow me back