Monday, February 17, 2014

One Day in Our Life...

As a homeschooling mom, with a mini farm behind my house, I often feel like there is not enough time in my day to do all that I plan to do. At the end of the day I wonder how in the world do other homeschooling moms do it. Being a mom and a teacher at the same time is very time demanding. 

I am glad that The Simple Homeschool blog is having "Share Your Day With Us" feature! I am so going to peak in everyone's school day ;-) And to be fair, I am joining it as well :-)

So here is my random day I picked last week to share with you

5:30am - Wake up (oh my husband has been already working out for the past hour so don't feel bad for me ;-)

6am - An hour long Yoga class (at this point I feel like I could stay in Shavasana for the rest of today)

7:20am - Bible story, memory verse, and prayer with the kids.

7:45am - Kids are hovered around daddy, watching the Olympics... Breakfast is almost ready

8:15am - They talked me into making a smoothie (at this point I am not sure if I am going to have a chance to shower?)

8:30am - while I shower, kids are getting ready for school, finishing their morning chores (I have to be shouting from the bathroom to make sure they stay on task - works half the time ;-)

8:50am - I realize that T hasn't practiced his piano yet - sigh - school will have to start later

9:15am - School started - today I am just trying to keep everyone focused - it's one of those days

9:15am - (If T was on time with his piano we would have started at 9am). Calendar is first... they write the date, day of the week, and the name of this month (everyday). We also switch our wall calendar...

9:25am - Now we have 2 math workboxes. T is working on Addition using Math-U-See and Money counting using Kumon. B learns basic addition using Kumon workbook and a game.

9:45am - T is doing Spelling using Sonlight Language Arts for 2nd Grade and B is learning Letter Sound of the week "S". She is usually finished before T so I will have her read to me - Bob Book or Dick and Jane.

10:00am - Handwriting time for both of them - we are using Handwriting Without Tears.

10:15am - Bible story reading (notice the heater... we are freezing around here ;-)

10:30pm - We go back to writing. This one might be longer or shorter, depends on the day but we use Sonlight Language Arts for 2nd grade with T and Letter Sound worksheets I printed from the internet with B.

10:50am or so - It's Social Studies time. They both work together. We are learning about the USA. Right now we focus mainly on learning the state names and capitols, as well as their location on the map. We start with this video most of the days

And go on to some fun facts about the state we are talking about that week - we do one state per week. This takes usually 2 workboxes and 30 minutes. We get to color, draw, do fun projects, read books or watch videos. We follow this curriculum Road Trip USA

11:30am - Czech School - I just added this to our day and we are all trying to adjust. I teach them my native language in detail (grammar, reading, vocabulary) The advantage is that they understand and somewhat speak it anyway. But they need to learn more.

12:00pm - Lunch and right after that T has to leave for piano lesson

12:15pm - Going to feed the girls and gather eggs (if this was summer there would be way more to do out there)

Since daddy is home I take the next hour to run some errands (I love Bed, Bath and Beyond return policy!!!)

1:30pm - Just got to B's ballet class. I will have the next hour to catch up on some blog stuff. T is skiing with daddy. (Usually I have T finish some extra school work he didn't get to last week or give him his extra activities. The next 30 minutes he would be free to play games)

2:30pm - Time to go back home

3pm - Xtramath - we love this online program and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to practice math problems!

3:30pm - Get kids to a playdate - yahoo!!! I will spend the next 2 hours organizing my office and school room #notenoughtime

6pm - Dinner and evening routine starts. I will confess that this is not my favorite time of the day. I am tired and need to still finish laundry and dishes and prepare for the next day school. And the kids are trying to prolong their bedtime as much as possible... But I do enjoy reading with the kiddos - that is our special time of the day :-)

8pm - On a good day this is when my evening chores start. After about an hour I am ready to wind down with a book or a show. Sometimes I get to knit or finish up on my blog posts.

(one of my late night creations)

11pm is usually my bedtime - on a good day ;-)

I should add that 2x a week we have longer school during which my nephews and my sister-in-law join us. We have snack at around 11am and then go on to study Science, Art, and Social Studies together till probably 2:00. During this time we try to incorporate team projects, art projects, parties and other group related activities :-) We love it!

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Laurie said...

What is that little math game you were using? It looks like fun. :-) We too consider ourselves to have a mini farm - even though we only have chickens!! Hopefully we will have a garden this spring.

Liz said...

I would love to have a minifarm! Looks like a great schedule to balance school and home-life. What a blessing to be able to teach your kids a second language too! I wrote out our day at

Monika said...

Hi Laurie, It is just a made up game... I purchased little wooden lady bug set on Craigslist and thought of how to use it during our math lessons - trust me it has been used for scaling, adding, subtracting... anything and everything. I will be coming by your blog soon. Can't wait to read about your day! Thanks for stopping by!

Monika said...

Liz! I am coming over to your place as well! I love to get inspired by awesomely brave moms! Thanks for stopping by!