Thursday, February 20, 2014

How it all started ... The Chicken Coop

I decided to reminiscence a little about the start of our little backyard farm. I am talking about going back 11 years and show you how it all started. I am talking about going back to the time when I had no digital camera (which means I had to scan and fix every photo in this post). But this was lots of fun! I completely forgot how different this place looked 11 years ago...

First I got my first chickens as a birthday gift from my husband the first year we bought the house! We had two miniature chickens (one got killed by a fox - yes in the city!) and two White Crested Black Polish. They needed a home!

I had to take a picture of our first eggs! The chickens used to live on the ground in a small space we were able to separate for them in the shed. We were a little disorganized at the time but made the best of it ;-)

I don't have a picture of the original red shed but you can somehow make it out from the following.

With some help from our friends and family, we were able to put new roof and siding on the original shed. The helpful thing was that there was electricity in shed because someone used to live there before (it was a teenager style house ;-)
- everyone is looking so young ;-) - 

This is the back of the shed with original siding. Look, the compost bin used to be right by it. So much have changed...

View from another side. This is the side, where the outside was built for the chickens to be able to get out and get some fresh air. (NO GARDEN)

The front - it looks like we did tons of work to this cute little "residence"... We also got rid of all those bushes.

Inside also got a complete makeover...

My husband is working on the outside part of the chicken coop. Wow, it all looks so clean and new!

And here is the picture most of you had a chance to see on top of my page... The Present Look

And of course we let the girls push their boundaries ;-) 

Next stop will be the construction of the pond.. stay tuned!

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