Friday, February 21, 2014


This is my second week joining the InstaFriday over at Jeannett's blog. Please, follow me on Instagram - I am Monika at littlebackyardfarm

I make this awesome homemade oven baked bread but I just can't manage to get the shape right. 

I love this little guilt drink from Trader Joe's.

I can't take a picture with this guy for the life of me, he licks my face every time I try 

I have an ongoing battle with my office/craft room. It's a love/hate relationship of constant organizing and reorganizing. This is the most stable spot in here.

The weather warmed up a bit - so we got done quickly with school and went out to enjoy it!

Happy 100th Day of school to us! Building LEGO structure using 100 pieces. We had a fun time celebrating!


Mindy said...

Love the collection of vintage cameras!!

Monika said...

Thank you Mindy! These come from my photographer years! I still love to look at them!