Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cowgirl Baby Shower

This past weekend I was busy preparing a baby shower for my very close friend, whose precious baby girl Natalie came to us unexpectedly 13 weeks before her due date. She is such a trooper - strong little girl, who is making tremendous progress everyday and who is a great example of God's love and promise to us!
On Sunday group of ladies got together to celebrate baby Natalie and I will give you a small tour through this special event. (I should mention that this beautiful house is NOT mine)

I made this sign to be the center of the room... the focus on baby Natalie - that is why we were all there :-) and I will post a tutorial for you later this week.

We were able to borrow some props from stables were my friend volunteers on weekly basis.

Wasn't this little saddle just perfect?

Here is a full detail of the fireplace area.

Cute center piece for the table. Don't forget to include burlap fabric, even if just a little accent of it!

You need an area for presents... and you might want to say "Thank you" to your guests for their thoughtfulness! 

Here is a full shot of the gift area.

I kept the games only down to three. This one was my friend's idea. We had people bring their baby picture. I put together a list of names of all the guests and each of the guests also got a name tag in case some people were not familiar with each other. Each picture was assigned a number. When it was time to play, I gave each person pen and paper and they guessed who is who in the baby picture. Everyone was laughing!

We also played the famous "Don't say the word BABY" game, which is always a challenge at a baby shower. Each of the guests got this neckless when they walked into the house - and the game was on!

My third game was "What's in the bag" - but I don't have that pictured. I placed several baby items into a bag and guests had to try to figure out what is in there, by touching them, not looking. They had one try and then they had to write the items down. 
Here was a box with my prizes...

Here is a closer look inside. I had a homemade pumpkin butter, homemade granola, fresh farm eggs, candle, and thank you notes. All decorated to fit the theme.

Ok, I have to include a close up picture of the egg carton design. I copied the original outline of an actual egg carton, only I included my personal photos - our shed and our girls.... and my own text. What do you think? My husband thinks I have too much time on my hands LOL - but really, I just can't help it...

Few more decorations we got from the stables.

Here are few shots of the food and table decorations that were mostly provided by another friend and the owner of the house. They did awesome job cooking and decorating the table. All I did was just added few accents to it.

Thank you for coming, please take one chocolate cupcake with pink cream cheese vanilla frosting!

Here I am with mommy!

Congratulations to the proud parents!!! 

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