Thursday, May 24, 2012

New addition to our family

Please say hi to Thanksgiving and Turkey! yes, I know this might be a bit too harsh to name my two new babies that, but that is what they are so far. And I never told the kids that that's what I call them. Officially we are calling them girls just like all the chickens (even though we are not sure what gender they are ;-)

They are 5 weeks old turkey babies and generally they are very tame and love to come close to people. They don't like my silver wedding ring too much but my white oversized watch doesn't bother them a bit - go figure ;-) You should see the hissing and pecking that goes on when my silver ring comes close to them. This is Turkey charging at my ring...

How are they getting along with the chickens you ask? Not so much... So far anyway. When we brought them in, chickens acted like chickens, that is scared to death trying to get as far as possible from the two new birds. They were tripping over each other just to try to escape. Look at this, this is Thanksgiving trying to make friends with our black girl. The chicken looked like she was pretending not to notice - if I ignore her, maybe she will disappear ;-) At this point the chickens are glued to the wall because there was no place to escape.

You have to give it to Turkey! Look at her letting the girls know who is the boss! BOO!

But yesterday the chickens got comfortable to the point when they became a bit aggressive and we had to separate them. 

 Now I have to learn what a turkey needs in order to thrive and hopefully be happy in our chicken house. I will check back in couple of weeks on how they are doing - or if we still even have them. 

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Dana said...

So beautiful! And I think your names are perfect. I finally named my geese. The boys are Turkey, Ham and Bacon. The girls are Pumpkin, Green Bean and Sweet Potato. I figure it does well to reinforce from early on why we have these animals. Although, ahem, no one is eating these geese. It is their babies that are on the menue.