Saturday, May 05, 2012

Healthy breakfast smoothie

I am always looking for some healthy breakfast tips, so my kids can get in the good stuff at the beginning of the day. This time, it was my kids who came up with the ingredients for this yummy smoothie!

And the ingredients are:

Pineapple chunks 
Apple juice
Frozen blueberries

Sounds easy, doesn't it? The kids always like to make these smoothies by themselves.

We use Magic Bullet, which is a kitchen appliance I cannot live without! You can use regular blender as well. Put banana in first, then pineapple chunks, and mix. Then add just a small amount of apple juice and mix for a very short time (2 seconds).

It's time to pour it in!

Kids decided to mix some frozen blueberries in and eat it out of a bowl with spoon. I drank it out of a cup. It is also yummy with fresh raspberries or strawberries!

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That looks so good, I need to make some smoothies!!