Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been wondering about life perspective lately. you know when you were little kids you saw certain things in certain way and then you became teenagers and you saw those things differently. And then you became young adults and your view on the same thing changed again. Now you are an actual adult and you look back and you just can't believe in how many different ways you saw this thing. And it's a bit funny how clear it looks now and how much you can't understand that you didn't see it this way but instead you saw it through some fog or dark glasses. I am not sure if this makes you cry or laugh or maybe both. Sometimes it makes you sad because it feels like you just wasted so many years of your life.. and then it makes you laugh because... well you don't even know why it makes you laugh. But you know for sure that you wish you would have seen this thing for what it really is this whole time. I guess it's called life experience...

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