Tuesday, January 11, 2011

second chance at growing my first "second" avocado plant

so this is my first attempt to try to grow an avocado from a seed. It started out great - one out of two seeds sprouted almost immediately. First it cracked open and then a small root peek out of the shell. Within a month the root got pretty long and I was waiting for the small plant. But it wasn't coming and so i wanted to check on it. As I lifted the seed up, one of the toothpicks fell out and the potential avocado plant came crashing down to the ground, cracking in half...only never to live again.
And so after a few days of hope, I gave up because the only thing that happened was something white starting to grow on my tiny plant, I threw the first one away and started 2 new seeds in its place. I made fresh guacamole, washed the seeds and stabbed them through with the toothpikcs so that they can nicely hold up on the glass. After only few days I see a crack! i hope it is what I think it is because it seems to be a bit fast. But then, Maybe it feels sorry for me and therefor it's trying to hurry ;-) I will have to take pictures ;-)

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