Thursday, December 16, 2010

the christmas tree that was outside

My daughter started snuffling one day last week. The next day it turned into more snuffles, and it was followed by red watery eyes and dripping nose. When finally third day her whole face swelled up and had red blotches all over. By that time i knew she wasn't getting sick. everything looked more like allergies. Now the only I had to do was figure out the reason for her allergy. This was first time she showed any symptoms close to this. What changed in our surroundings? The only that came to mind was our real... gorgeous... christmas tree. I googled christmas tree allergies and sure enough - it looked like I got it right. because we were just about to leave for a 3 day trip to a waterpark, we decided to wait with the tree distraction. After 2 days, her face cleared up and she was no longer looking like she was crying for many hours straight... And it is now with a sad heart that i have to say that we had to move our poor tree out of our house and it has a new residence - on our porch. We were all oh so sad but B is good now and can breath freely. As much as I am sad about it being out there... I was pleasantly surprised about the tree view tonight! it made my evening!!!

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