Monday, May 12, 2014

Why it's a great habit to drink water right after you wake up

You heard it million times - it is important to drink lots of water... stay hydrated through the day... But let's be honest, you just can't remember to pick up that glass, right? Well, at least I can't...

Apparently America is one of the most dehydrated countries in the world. Is it the problem of our busy lives or lack of knowledge? In my case it's having too much on my mind to remember to drink. So I decided for a new habit! Drink a glass of water right after I wake up... and there is more to it...

First of all make sure that your water is room temperature! Don't drink cold water out of the refrigerator!

The first reason for drinking a glass of water right away after you wake up and before you eat something, makes your body hydrated right from the start of your day. I pour myself water at night and put it on my bedside table. This way I drink it right after I wake up, during my devotional. I feel like I am doing two beneficial things at once ;-)

How long were you asleep? Probably anywhere from 5-8 hours at least... your body hasn't had anything to drink, yet your kidneys were working just the same! They need their fuel!

Third reason this will make you happy is a better bowel movement. The glass of water will help push anything in your stomach and intestines down and will help you go to the bathroom. 

My last reason for this new habit is the fact that I like my coffee in the morning and that dehydrates me. If I drink glass of water before that, I assure that my body is properly hydrated and will not suffer though the day because of my coffee habit. 

I see major difference since I started drinking water right after I wake up. This is why I wanted to share this with you on my blog and I hope that this will help you feel better and wake up with a fresh feeling!

Hope this helps!


Unknown said...

This is a great idea since my first drink is usually coffee.

Unknown said...

Yes! I do this too, and it is amazing how well it works! :)
~ Christine @ Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers