Friday, May 30, 2014

Meatless Friday - Meatless Panini

Here is to another Meatless Friday! This is a quick meal you can whip up in minutes! And if you have panini maker, it will make your life even easier. Here we are enjoying it with my homemade potato salad... click here to get the recipe 

You will need:

2 slices of bread per portion
butter at room temperature for easy spreading
grated cheese

You can use this kind of bread or the bread I love making for my family ;-) click here for the recipe.
Spread butter on one side of each slice.

Sprinkle grated cheese. I use raw cheddar but you can use whatever cheese you prefer.

Spread salsa...

Next is cut up avocado... If I have some, I use guacamole instead...

Sprinkle some greens, for example baby arugula or any sprouts.

Regular or red onion is next on the list ;-) Also sprinkle more grated cheese on the other half of the bread.

Cover the sandwich...

Place the sandwich into a panini maker or just simply on a pan, medium to low setting.

I use panini maker so I just close it and wait a bit. If you are using the pan, wait till the cheese melted on one side so when you are flipping the sandwich, things don't fall out easily ;-)

Some other options for panini fillings:

hardboiled eggs
... and whatever you have at home and feel like it could work for you ;-)

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