Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Start Your Garden this Year - Part 3. Garden Beds

Now, that you found your location, it's time to plan what kind of garden beds best suit your particular location. Some things to consider are: How much space do you have? What is your budget? And what is your styled in general?

I decided to go out of my blog post today and redirect you to my Pinterest board called "Garden Beds". I have been collecting images of different kinds of beds and gardens in general and I hope that will help you visualize your options available for your space. Here is the link you can click on... and get inspired... There are some pins that have detailed instructions about how to build those particular beds. And when you are there, you can follow me ;-)

My personal garden beds style is called raised beds (photo above), which are great for small space, but my absolute dream layout would be this one - "never-ending" rows of produce in the middle of a meadow or forest.

Because of our lack of space, I sometimes go outside the box and create a garden bed in some odd places, away from the actual garden. Like this corn/pumpkin bed. I dug up some grass next to our porch and it turned out to be the best spot out of the whole yard - best soil and great sun! One year I had great corn and pumpkins and last year I had giant sunflowers. So don't feel like you are limited to just one spot! Go out... outside of the box ;-)

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