Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Night Life at the LBF

This is just a fun post on the night life in our back yard. Some of you might have seen me post a picture of the fire bush that is in our side garden. In case you missed it, here it is.

Yup, it got trimmed by none other than Mr. Bunny... guess how I figured that out ;-)

My husband hunts and there for he has some equipment available... like for example this camera. He decided to install it so we know what is going on...


I have seen him/her around... especially when he/she hopped in front of our dog's face while he was resting in the backyard. (I am rethinking the dog's job around the yard)

But we caught other visitors, which was very exciting especially for the kids. Take a look at who is strolling around while we sleep :-)

I hope she is here to catch that bunny ;-) 

And this one especially makes me cringe... See I don't feel like cleaning the dog if he gets sprayed ;-)

Fun Fun Fun!

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