Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chicken tractor

Now that you know from my previous posts that we have several new baby chicks, here is an update on our broilers. Since they have been growing very fast and started to fill up the box they shared with our tinny layers, we had to take that next step and move them outside. The temperatures started to climb so we felt confident to do that. I will tell you more about their new home that my husband built - the chicken tractor! 

It looks pretty cool, doesn't it? It took him three evenings to complete it but he didn't spend a dime - which we both like ;-)
He found some left over pieces of wood in the chicken shed and used a piece of left over roofing and our left over chicken wire fence from the coop. He figured out the space our 10 chicks will need in the next few weeks to be comfortably growing and have a happy life. 

He followed the Joel Salatin - Polyface farm chicken tractor model. 1.6 sq foot of space per bird. Due to the small size of our yard we decided on a 5ft x 5ft version.  It can hold up to 15 birds.

After looking for hinges for the top gate and not being able to find any around the house he just improvised : )

He got these wheels from our kids old toy cart that we were no longer using. Wheels make it easier to move the tractor around our yard. 

Fun in the sun! The Natural Heat Lamp. 

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