Friday, May 10, 2013

Replanting some seedlings

In one of my previous posts you learned a bit about planting seeds indoors using green house and some other supplies. Now I am back with some update and new experience. First take a look at some of my pots.

Do you see the difference in the plant size? I will give you little background on these. All the plants are the same age, actually the ones on the left (bigger) are transplants from the ones on the right. I planted 3 seeds per pot just in case something didn't catch and ended up with all of them coming up. i felt sorry to waste perfectly good plants and so I replanted them. They went from the paper pot into plastic pots I got in dollar store. I left for two week vacation and came back to this.

The transplants flourished, grew into beautiful plants while the original in the paper pots stopped growing at some point and actually started loosing leaves.
I wonder why this happened... what was the reason for the plants to stop developing? The only factor that changed was the kind of pot I used. All my plants in the plastic pots or yogurt  cups look great. The ones in the paper are dying. 

I wouldn't use the paper pots anymore. I will stick with the plastic. Not only can you reuse them but they also maintain the plants strong and healthy. I replanted them all so now I have to see if they catch up. Good luck to you!

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