Friday, October 26, 2012

Preserving sage

This is a time for preserving everything precious from our garden. Now I am tackling sage. I planted this small bush last year into my porch garden and replanted it this year into my new herb garden. Naturally, it hasn't spread much yet, but it had a good amount of leaves for me to harvest. 

After I harvested the sage leaves I rinsed them out and placed them on paper towel. 

I covered them with another layer of paper towel and patted them dry. 

Then I simply placed them loosely into a saved plastic sour cream container, labeled it with name and date, and placed it into the freezer. It is better to preserve your herb in the freezer than it is to preserve to dry. They keep their rich flavor and they are easy to handle - you can cut them or crumble them up into your favorite dish!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your post. I will be harvesting my sage today:)