Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Planting strawberry field

It is getting pretty cold around here and I am starting to clean up the garden. I still have some tomatoes trying to turn red but soon I will pick them and let them ripen in jars in my window, just like my grandfather used to do. I remember as a kid, seeing all those jars sitting on his window sill and watching them changing their color slowly.

That was a little reminiscence now back to my strawberry "field". I am proudly calling it a field but you know with my yard size, it is more like a garden bed. I decided to transform my backyard into a garden. I am incorporating more and more fruit and veggie plants into my landscape. Last year I started with the corn, this year I added pumpkin, and now strawberries! 

I never had luck with strawberry harvest because of little critters who ate it before I was able to pick it. Just when I saw an almost ripe strawberry in the evening and came to pick it in the morning, it was gone! I hope for better luck next year - I will keep you posted.

These plants came from a fellow freecycler! Have you heard about freecycling? I recommend it. You can get free things that other people don't need anymore and to give back, you offer your own "garbage". You know the saying "One man's garbage is another man's treasure."

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