Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to make Maximus - the horse from the movie Tangled

Every year our family dresses as a group costume for Halloween. The first year, we were The Royal Family, last year we were dressed up as Star Wars, and this year we LOVE Tangled, so it was only natural to choose that as our Halloween costume. We picked daddy to be Flynn, which was such a great and easy decision, I was Mother Gothel, B was Rapunzel of course, and T was Maximus, the guard horse. All the costumes were easy to figure out, but the horse. I was searching the web for a possible tutorial on Maximus but with no luck. So I decided to take pictures of the steps and leave you all with a little tutorial on how to make this costume. 

First of all find a cardboard box and remove the bottom and the top part. Then spray paint it white. I used white primer first and then one coat of regular white spray paint.

Then make a tale out of thick yarn. I cut long strings of yarn, tied them together in the middle and then pulled them through the hole in the cardboard box.

For the head I ended up printing a mirror side image of Maximus. It printed on 2 papers, I just had to align them and trim them to fit. (This will depend on the size you choose for your horse) They are taped together in the back, you can see the line, where the paper joins.

Then I used exacto knife to cut out the shape of the horse. Leave some extra card board on the bottom of his neck for easy attachment to the body. Tape the print out and the cut out together. This will be what you end up with.

Next comes the mane. I used the same yarn I used for the tail. While you are heating up a glue gun, cut few short and few long strings of yarn. Use the glue gun to attach them to the back side of the head - the short ones in the front and the longer ones along the back. I also cut another piece of cardboard and attached it to the bottom of the neck - see pictures below.

I was so pleasantly surprised how the mane added the right touch to Maximus. I used hot glue gun to attach the two sides together at the mane and stapler to attach the bottom cardboard piece to the body (see detailed picture bellow). I spray painted the staples white. 

I used clear packing tape to fix some minor blemishes, such as the front being too far apart from the neck.

See back shot for reference. 

Next measure the straps and attach them to the box. We used white ribbon.

I dressed T in all white clothes. 
Here is the final product!

I almost forgot important part of the costume - The "Wanted Poster"! Just print out an image from a web and slide it into Maximus' mouth. (I cut out a thin hole on each side).


Rebecca said...

Where did you get the picture of Maximus?

Monika said...

I just found it on Google images and chose the large size option. Then printed it on regular paper. Hope that helps

moniforae said...

This is Awesome!

Infinity said...

Can you please give the link to the picture of Maximus, I can't find the image. Thank you!