Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rain tangled with the family

I don't remember last time it was raining all day non stop. I have to say I enjoyed hanging out with the family, laying in bed, playing games, and watching Tangled in the afternoon. (Isn't Rapunzel awesome? She is my new favorite princess! And Mandy Moore gives her such a nice touch! Ok I am rambling now but really! B and I are smitten by her)

I was trying to get popcorn ready but ended up burning both batches. We don't own microwave for many years now and I found some good recipes how to pop the corn in the pot. I did this million times before and it always worked out but today just wasn't the popping luck on my side I guess. I got pretty upset about that... I din't hear the kids asking for popcorn after that - I can only assume they knew better ;-) We had peanuts instead and they enjoyed the full bowl. 
Now they are sleeping and I am sitting here with my porch door open, listening to magic sound of rain. It is very precious to me this year since there was hardly any and our grass and yard can show for that. I better stop my post right here and go work on the never ending homeschooling curriculum for this year. I set my goal to finish 3 more weeks by tomorrow night so we can send out files for printing. I can't wait to have a button from my other blog that I am sharing with my sister-in-law. Then you can see some of the work we do with the kiddos.
happy rainy Sunday!

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Patty said...

Is this a hint for me, wink wink. LOL "I can't wait to have a button from my other blog that I am sharing with my sister-in-law."