Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Make your own fruit water

What is the best way to refresh our bodies during hot summer days? For me it is definitely water! But after drinking it all day every day, I get bored, don't you? I start craving juices and pop but I know that is not the healthy answer. Then we started occasionally going to The Standard Market for dinners and I got hooked on their fruit water. They have four different barrels full of water and fresh fruit or veggies. This way the water gets flavor from the particular fruit without being overly sweet and unhealthy. Here are the simple steps for you to enjoy this treat and also some combinations I tried:

This one is Nectarine Mint Water

I used mason glasses (you can also use jars) because you can easily close them and place them safely into your fridge without spilling the contents. On the bottom place some fresh mint leaves first.

Follow them with cut up fresh nectarines.

... and put some ice cubes on top!

Pour water over the ingredients, close up with a lid and place them in the fridge overnight. They will really absorb the right amount of flavors, so make sure you make extra for yourself! My kids loved it too and they even got to eat the nectarines after we drank the water! They were nice, cold and fresh!

Some other combinations you could try are: watermelon/sage, watermelon/mint, peaches/mint, cucumber/thyme, lemon/strawberries, strawberries/mint. Those are the ones I tried but there are endless possibilities, go ahead, try some and share with us!


Venus Blues Hideaway said...

MMmmm, what a good idea--I am gonna try the watermelon sage. Who woulda ever thought of it. I am always looking for something refreshing in the summertime, since it gets sooooo hot here in Louisiana. Thanks again and "cheers".


Monika said...

It has been so hot here as well this year. This is truly yummy. Thanks for stopping by!