Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When the kids want to send message to grandma

Here is an idea for a cute and thoughtful present for grandma's, daddy's, grandpa's or mom's birthday or any other special occasion! 

We made this to send grandma a special message for her birthday. Something she can read over and over again. 

All we needed was a chalk and chalk board. We thought about what the message should say and came up with this:

And I had both kids hold that up for the first picture.

T told me why he loves grandma so much, I wrote it down, and took a picture of him with his note. 

Next up was B and her note to grandma. 

Then I just had to send it through the internet to have the pictures developed, buy the frame, and put it all together. We sent it to grandma and she loved it!

I am linking this to the Creative Friday Linky Party at the fabulous www.jenniferrizzo.com.

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