Monday, July 09, 2012

Herb garden update

Just a little update on my herb garden that I am establishing this year.

The chamomile is coming out but not as much as I would wish for. This is the only bunch so I will try to seed it one more time. 

The mint is doing great, spreading a bit.

Oregano looks good as well but the heat is starting to burn it. I think I should harvest it before it's too late.

Here is thyme I got last year from my friend. It is spreading nicely, just how I wanted it. 

I have some bee balm plants here as well. Apparently bee balm is a great herb to treat infections and even headaches with. I will definitely try a bee balm tea.

I put the spearmint plant in a pot because I was worried it might spread too much but i think I will replant it directly into the garden as soon as this heat stops harassing us.

I still have much of the garden bed space unused and I have to come up with some good use for it. The unused space so originally for my chamomile and marjoram, but none of them caught on. I am also missing dill :-(


Unknown said...

I’m sure your Oregano will survive the heat of the sun. They actually grow well during the summer. I like your herbal selection; they provide a very aromatic scent, which is soothing for the senses. Also, the designs –angel, horse and stones, adds life and charm to your garden.

-Katelin Mccaig

Make Wraps said...

Thankk you for this