Saturday, July 07, 2012

10 things to do with your kids this summer

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your kids this summer? I thought I would share some simple fun we have been having around our house for the past couple of weeks.

1. Pick herbs together
and tell them what they can use them for. Show them how to dry the herbs and finally how to store them. It is fun for the kids to find out what makes them better when they get sick.

2. Learn to hoola hoop
Find a hoola hoop and learn how to use it. This guarantees hours of fun on and off during the day. And you will be surprised who will join in on the fun ;-)

3. Grow butterflies
Who doesn't want to witness the miracle of a caterpillar changing into a cocoon and then into a butterfly? You can order caterpillars online or you can find them in your backyard - if you have milkweed growing in your garden. 

4. Have a bon fire
I have many memories as a child having bon fires at our cabin, singing songs, and making sausages above the fire. Stay up later and watch the stars if you can see them or try to catch fireflies.

5. Tie dye some shirts
Summer is the perfect time for tie dying because you can work outside and not risk any smudges around your house. Kids will be so proud to wear their creations!

6. Build a fairy garden
We are still in the process but the kids are so excited to welcome some good fairies into our backyard! Pick a large container, fill it up with dirt, plant small plants and then let your imagination roll. I will post the whole process once it's finished and link it up here. 

7. Go to the beach. 
You don't have to live by the ocean, lake will do as well! Go and soak up the sun, get some sand into your hair (and everywhere else), and splash in the waves.

8. Visit local attractions
If the weather lets you, go to the ZOO, park, forest preserves, or waterparks. Once you get home, talk about their favorite things and follow up with some art work about the experience. 

9. Paint outside
Get your art supplies outside and start creating some messy art! We did some spray painting using large easel paper, spray bottles, water and paint. This was a huge hit!

10. Bake Bake Bake
Kids love their sweets and they love participating in the process of making them. Have fun together this summer in your kitchen making magic and then eating it too!

There is tons more we have been doing so it was difficult to find 10 activities. But I hope this will help you schedule some fun with your little ones this summer!


Grandma Linda's Daydreams said...

Great ideas! No one should be crying, "I'm bored" with a mom as fun as you are. love to garden with my 2-year-old grandson. he loves to help me water and it doesn't matter if he gets wet. As young as he is- he is still learning to pick flowers for mommy,he likes to smell the herbs and look at bugs and birds. I always bake with the older kids, and we do art! It's so good to show them how to make things. As a grnadmother, I'm thrilled to see this post by a young creative mother who likes to play with the kiddies. Have a sweet summer!

Monika said...

You are so very sweet! Thank you for your kind comments and support! It is very important to have active grandma who likes to spend time with the kids. I wish I had one here full time!