Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoe shopping with B

Yesterday, while the boys spent some quality time biking around the neighborhood, I decided to take B on a girls-only shopping spree, to get her some new (and fancy) shoes! Let me tell you, it is amazing how little girls get somehow pre-programmed to LOVE shopping. We spent two hours in Target, looking through toys, clothes, and shoes (and we bought a vacuum cleaner for mommy on top of that - yes!) and she couldn't be happier the whole time. T would have been bored out of his mind but not B. She kept on running around picking things and putting them in the shopping cart. It was very funny! And she ended up taking it like a champ when I told her that we are not able to buy the entire girl clothes section, together with all the Barbies... and bathing suits ;-)

But she LOVES her new shoes!!!

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