Friday, April 20, 2012

Organizing my junk drawer

I am trying very hard to organize my life these days... And one of the main areas, my kitchen, is the first on my list. I posted pictures of organizing my pantry before and next up is the junk drawer! 

Here is the way it was before (now you understand the need):

 I had to first empty the whole drawer, purchase some small containers that would fit in it and decide which way to place them. This is the winner!

Next was to decide what should stay and what should go! I kept the most important things that I need at hand most of my days, such as - pencils, pens, permanent markers, erasable markers for my fridge calendar, toothpicks, gum, computer cleaner and sponge, scotch tapes, white out, paper clips, pins, measuring tape, tissues, matches or lighter, some houseplant food sticks, flash light, and some tools. Take a look at the difference!!!

I hope you feel as good as I did after I was finished! Now, of course, I will have to repeat this soon again (that is what happens when you have tiny people in the house try to help themselves to things in the junk drawer ;-)

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