Friday, March 20, 2015

Melted Crayon Art Step-by-Step

My kids love anything art related, which makes them completely my kids ;-) This was one of their most favorite piece of art to create and they still fight over who is going to keep it in the room.

You will need

Double-sided tape
Newspaper (or anything to put under your project while you are working on it)
Hair dryer

First place the double-sided tape on top of your canvas. Peel the top side off as well.

Peel all the crayons and break them into pieces. Then stick them to the tape.

Use the hair dryer to melt your crayons.

We started while the canvas was laying flat.

And then we stood the canvas up... Keep pointing the hair dryer at the crayons...

... till you are happy with your finished look.

One of our tops ended up white because we didn't melt the crayons flat at the end. We pushed it all down. If you would like to keep the color all over, make sure to slowly blow dry the crayons flat at the end to keep them. 

You could also use new crayons and not take the paper off. What happens is, the crayons inside will melt but the paper stays empty, taped to the top and you have completely different look - also very cool.

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