Friday, March 06, 2015

Yarn Treasures - Gift Ideas

Knitting and crocheting are right now my favorite hobbies... In the next few weeks I would like to show you some projects I recently finished and give you a quick pattern overview together with the yarn I am using. First up is...

Soft Hat

This hat can be very easy and quick to make if you have a chunky yarn and large size needles. I am talking... one evening kind of fast. Here is one I recently made as a present...

 You will need

Yarn: Isaac Mizrahi Craft Sutton (for Michaels)
Needles: US17 size single point bamboo knitting needles
Size: Adult woman!!!

For adult size I casted 32 stitches
Knit K2, P2 for the trim until the piece measures about 2 inches.... (you can make it thicker if you would like to)

Continue knitting the rest of the hat in Knit stitch. To decrease please follow this pattern. (However if you are used to your own decrease pattern feel free to use that. I usually knit the decrease pattern however feels right for the particular hat, so I tried to put it in words for you here. I hope it makes sense.) 

When the piece measured about 4.5 inches I started decreasing this way: 

Rnd 1: k4, k2tog, k4, k2tog - repeat till the end of the row.
Rnd 2: k all
Rnd 3: k3, k2tog, k3, k2tog repeat till the end of the row
Rnd 4: k
Rnd 5: k2, k2tog, k2, 
k2tog repeat till the end of the row
Rnd 6: k
Rnd 7: k1, k2tog, k1, 
k2tog repeat till the end of the row
Rnd 8: k
Rnd 9: k2tog
You will be left with some stitches that you will tie together.

Then leave several inches of yarn and cut... loop it through the remaining stitches and pull... Then connect the sides using the loose yarn and yarn needle, sewing from top to the bottom of the hat to create seam. The seam is in the back of the hat. The finished piece measures 8 inches. 

Here is an example of kids size hat I made using the same pattern, smaller measurements, the same size knitting needles... and Isaac Mizrahi Craft Lexington yarn - I love the colors!!!

I love using the bamboo knitting needles, such as these:

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