Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Growing Sprouts in Your Home

If you are living in a place with 4 seasons like me, you are probably bored by now... especially if you are a farmer or gardener at heart! If the snow is in your way, try to garden inside! Kids and I had a fun time growing some microgreens/sprouts. And here is how to do it very cheap - actually almost for free...

You will need:

package of sprouts seeds (preferably organic non-GMO)
Used salad box

Some salad boxes already have holes on the bottom, but if they don't, just use a sharp stick, such as skewer or a tooth pick and heat it up above a flame... then melt the holes into the plastic box to create drainage. 

Fill it up 3/4 with organically fertilized soil (I used soil from the garden mixed with soil from my worm box - great stuff ;-) - You can use any soil you have at hand but adding some natural fertilizer is a bonus for your plants. 

Now it's ready for the seeds.

Spread the seeds evenly in rather bigger amount. Sprouts thrive in a big crowd ;-)

... and cover them with little bit of soil.

Next spray water... don't be shy, they like really moist soil.

You should see this in about 5 days! Kids love this indoor gardening project.. it's short, they get to dig in a dirt for a bit, and the result comes pretty quick. I like to seed new ones every 5-7 days for continuous harvest - so I have 2 boxes going at the same time... 

...and look how yummy it looks in your chicken sandwich! ;-) Now think about it - you grew it yourself in your home... isn't it the best? When you know where your food comes from... when you know how your food was taken care of? ... no middle man here... ;-)

Some helpful links for you - you can make your own worm box... look at my post 
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Enjoy growing your food with love and have a wonderful rest of the week!


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