Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Garden in July - The Tour

Happy Monday everyone! I though I would give you all a little update on our garden in July! I am very please with most of my crop, so let's take a look!

First up are my newly replanted raspberry bushes! Most of them are doing great and we are even enjoying some of the golden raspberries, which I didn't expect to come up this year! I transplanted most of them last Fall from the far back of my garden (really, what was I thinking? The kids couldn't even get there!) Now they are by the fence right on the side of our house!

This is what's left of my spring garden bed... You can see some lettuce left, the kohlrabi is shaping up but I think some of it will not get big, it seems to be growing tall... I do love my red beets this year! Really big beets and really tasty!

In the back, you can see the tomato garden, which is now starting to fill up nicely. I even got few cherry tomatoes out of that!

Look at those babies!

 Hello bean garden! Great turn out on the green beans and the edemame (soy beans) as always! Those are my favorites every year. And we love them as side dish!!! You see some squash plants in the front.

Here is my cucumber garden. You can see the trellis - you only need trellis in small space so your plants don't get tangled and don't take over your garden!

If you use trellis they will climb nicely and it will be easier for you to collect the crop.

In the front I have some zucchini plants.. only 3 this year as I usually have way too many zucchinis...

This is my least successful bed - peppers and carrots... I just never can get these two right. We will see what happens in the next few weeks... but the basil is looking great...

See I have some small paper plants, some tall, and holes among the carrots... ugh

Look at the garden from the back corner - not a large space but we are making it work.

Some pumpkin...

Rhubarb is also getting stronger this year...

I hope you enjoyed my tour... stick around and see other posts if you have some time - the most favorites are posted in the side bar!

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