Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Grass Cup Guys project for kids

The season of growing is here and I like to teach my kids about anything that nature has for us to learn. During the next few weeks I would like to show you few projects that will help kids connect with nature and teach them a little something about what surrounds us.

So first meet our handsome cup guys! 

All you need is:

Small see-through cups
grass seeds
hot glue gun
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
pom poms 

First have kids design the face... we used pom poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. You can also print out a face from the web.
Then fill the cup with soil and soak it with water. Sprinkle grass seeds on top (no need to burry them into the soil). Now place it by a light (window will do great) and wait few days (make sure you keep the soil moist at all times). Your kids will have fun watching the "hair" grow and they can even style it if they want... perhaps give the guy a hair cut?

As you see, one of our guys has more successful hair growth than the other ;-) What can you learn from this fun project? You can talk about plants needing sun, air, soil, and water to grow. Also point out that grass regrows after you cut it. If you keep watering the grass it will stay around a for a while. (I think it has been at least a month and they are still going strong)

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