Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FROZEN movie Trash Can Makeover

We have been all wrapped up in the Frozen movie frenzy around here thanks to our little girl! Since her room is up for a paint job this summer, she wants to go all out - Frozen room make over... We are on a budget for sure (and it's a pretty tight one), so we have to make some things out of what we already have. Keep reading to see how we made this very Frozen trash can...

You will need:

Sheet to protect surroundings
sanding paper/sanding machine
Spray paint - PRIMER
Spray paint - ISLAND SPLASH satin finish
Snowflake stencils
Painter tape
White acrylic paint
Sponge or paint brush

This is the original wooden trash can that I bought long time ago at HomeGoods.

First, we laid out a sheet to protect our surroundings from spray paint. Then we sanded the trash can so the paint seeps in nicely. It doesn't look much different but it feels more rough. Wipe the dust left from sanding.

Because the original trash can had design on it, I had to cover it with primer first. Let it dry and then spray paint with the blue color.

You can see the design seeping through on the picture below (see blue side), where I did not use the primer. The primer covered it beautifully. 

Here the trash can is all blue and dry.

I am going for an imperfect look so I sanded it a bit down. There were some paint drops left as well and sanding them took care of it. I sanded the edges down to the wood in some spots as well.

Wipe the trash can down from all the dust and you are ready for the snowflake stencils. I tape the sheet down so it doesn't move easily.

Put a tiny bit amount of white paint on the sponge brush and start dabbing it all over the snowflake, gently so you don't move the stencil. Don't use too much paint, as that might drip under the the plastic and create more of a mess than a snowflake. This little girl is doing a great job helping with the whole project (wearing appropriate dress for the occasion).

They turned out great! Repeat this on all sides if you wish...

After examining the finished product, we decided that the trash can doesn't look Frozen enough... so we added some icicles. Using the same brush I gently applied some white paint to the top edge. You might want to try it out on a paper first, to see the kind of strokes and pressure you should apply.

Definitely feels chillier now ;-)

I noticed the blue color on my photographs changes with the light, so to clarify, the color looks just like the first picture of my post.

Good luck on your project and come back in couple weeks to see the whole room makeover! In the mean time, keep cool! :-)

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