Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our new baby chicks arrived!

My husband and I decided to expand our Little Backyard Farm with some new addition - baby chicks! We currently have broilers, layers, and pet chickens. 

First, meet one of our pet chickens - Pingu. This is the first time we actually have pet chickens. We got three - Pingu is black, Brownie is brown, and the last one doesn't have a name yet because we are not sure if she is going to make it. She is acting a bit lethargic and we are trying to fix that. We believe these are Bantam chickens.

Here is one of our 10 Cornish chickens. We chose these to be our broilers. They will be ready in about 8 weeks. We still have to build the chicken tractor that they will move into. 

Here is the Rhode Island Red. We have these and one more breed we think is Americana to be our new layers. I really like my current layers - they are so friendly and calm. I hope these will be just like them.

At this point the new babies reside in our garage and they will stay there for at least the next three weeks. I will post a detailed description of their current home.

They seem to thrive and grow from day to day.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your new chickies! I hope the third one will make it. Why do you have different chickens as pets? Are the bantams easier to tame?

Monika said...

Thank you! The third one is doing great! We have different chickens for laying and for being eaten - because there are breeds that are better layers and then the Cornish get so big so fast, so they are good for eating. In my post you could probably already see them being so much bigger than the rest even though they are the same age. My husband picked the bantams for pets only because they will be smaller and fancy looking... I hope they will have nice personality ;-)

Unknown said...

Yes I noticed the different varieties already look a little different even when they're so small! I googled the Bantams and they sure look pretty. You did a great job nurturing the third Bantam to health :)