Friday, March 15, 2013

Broken refrigerator

How do you like my new fridge? I had to live like this for the past two days... I was sure the food would be eaten overnight by some neighborhood animal... All I have to say is thank God that it is still cold outside and most of all thank God for my skillful husband! This post is really dedicated to him. He is such a money savior when it comes to our household. If something breaks, he takes it apart and actually knows how to put it back together ;-) And in the middle of all that work he manages to fix absolutely everything! This time it was our 10 year old fridge that broke and I was sure that we will need to buy a new one. But not on his watch! He figured it out, ordered $8 part and that thing is running better than ever. So thank you, honey, for all that you do around here and for all the money we don't have to spend extra!

And today the heating broke :-( Can't wait for my handy husband to get back home from work, till then it's sweaters and jackets.


Melody said...

Handy Hubbies are the BEST! :))))
Yeahhh to fixing things and NOT having to buy a new one! *clap*clap* !!!

Monika said...

Yes they are!!! He fixed the heating and now we are good to step into a new and hopefully better week ;-)