Monday, January 28, 2013

How I kept busy with yarn during the Holidays

I completely forgot that I wanted to post few pictures of my December whereabouts. You know the time, when I was MIA here on my blog? Well, I was creating lots of hand made gifts for friends and family. Here are pictures of some that I didn't forget to photo journal ;-)

Leg warmers for our special neighbor friend!

Boot cuffs for my sister-in-law!

Christmas tree chain, which I fell in love with! <3 p="">

And a men scarf for my husband's cousin, who jokingly asked me for one via Facebook ;-) My first creation for a man.

I was pretty happy with all those things I made, but I won't lie - they were time consuming and that was the reason why I was behind on all my other projects! Holidays turned out great and that all that counts - wait not all, the smile on people's faces when they got my presents were the best ;-)

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