Friday, October 09, 2009


the best season of them all is here and we are off to farms with pumpkin patches, hay rides, and spooky stuff... also time to decorate the home with some fun fall projects. Here is the first one

what you need:

construction paper
optional decorating objects such as - glitter, feathers, stickers, foam letters, etc.

your child will practice using glue and markers (also good for developing motor skills) as well as naming shapes and possibly learn a new letter

cut shapes out of the construction paper - square for body, rectangles for arms and legs, circle for head, and triangle for the hat. you can use this to practice shapes - ask you child to find certain shape for certain part of the scarecrow's body. glue them all together into a person and have your child draw the face. Then you can decorate it with anything you choose. We used letter S for "scarecrow". I was making one at the same time so T was copying my actions. He did it all by himself. I think his is so much better than mine.

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