Tuesday, October 13, 2009

classic for Halloween

here is a classic art project that is the easiest and the most fun for the kids as they can do most of it with only a little assistance from us.

what you will need:

orange construction paper
you can also use other supplies such as glitter, crayons, buttons, etc... We are going to hang ours in the window therefor we made a pretty light pumpkin with no glitter as that tends to sprinkle all over the place. 

motor skills practice 

out of the orange construction paper, cut the shape of a pumpkin and give it to your child. Tell him that the pumpkin needs a face and he can make it however he/she wishes. Then give him all the other supplies and let him work the magic (with some assistance from you). I ended up with lots of glue for the eyes and nose ... and a huge smile - what else is here to ask for?

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