Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sparkle this

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This project is a little messy but it is one of our favorites... We are creating magic with some glitter!

What you need:
glue stick
glitter - many different colors
paper - white or construction paper
something under the table to catch fallen glitter (plastic, newspaper...)

- take the glue stick and draw with it on the paper. I drew a tree and Tristan made bunch of circles and lines. Take one color glitter and slowly sprinkle it on the glued surface. Shake the paper above the glitter jar so that the left over glitter falls back into the jar and you don't waste it.
- next draw something else on the same paper and use a different color glitter to sprinkle over... again, shake it of into the jar.
- you can do this as many times as you want to and you end up with a sparkly master piece!!! Just like we did!

Tip: the first time you do this project, show your child how to do it first and explain all the steps. Then he/she can do it on their own with your assistance.

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