Friday, January 09, 2015

New Year's Blessings

There is a switch in our minds that gets turned on by the sounds of fireworks on the New Year's Eve. Have you noticed that? I start thinking about all the things that I didn't get to do last year and I am starting to set all different kinds of resolutions for myself for the next year. I take out my notebook and start writing down plans and pointers to get me on the right track. But then as most of the previous years, life happens and I forget about the plans (I did however stick with couple resolutions in the past... just to keep it real) I fall into the same old routine and the same old habbits. Why should this year be different?

Most likely it will not be different and therefor I decided to focus on different part of it all. I decided to count my blessings. Every year we experience ups and downs and we tend to remember the major events that happen to us. But I decided that I don't want to forget even the smallest things... the cutest things my kids say to me... dates with my husband... accomplishments big or small... traveling memories...

To keep a track of it all, I made this blessing jar. I will write my blessings on pieces of paper and I will place them into the jar. At the end of the year... or when life gets tough, I will read them. Because God is good and I don't want to forget!

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Unknown said...

Count the blessing, because GOD is good.