Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pickling cucumbers one jar at a time

Hello everyone! With all these cucumbers coming out of my garden I am ready to pickle!!! I am so excited mainly because last year all my cucumber plants got killed by cucumber beetle and I believe I had only one to enjoy :-( So this year I am taking full advantage of healthy crop and I am going to pickle them... One jar at a time!

My grandpa back in Czech Republic used to collect them and when he had a good amount he would pickle them all at once. he gave me his recipe but that will just not do for me. Not only do I not have much time to spend a hole afternoon to pickle but also I don't have much fridge space (see he had a cold cellar where everything lasted forever ;-)

Go over here for the recipe and make one jar. Let it sit for a week and then taste it. That is what I did. Although the recipe worked very well and everything sealed properly and the pickles were nice and crunchy, I needed a bit more spicing. I think that is very individual and that is why I recommend making one jar first and try it before you go do next one. You can add or take away some ingredients to  meet you taste buds ;-) (I will be adding more garlic and dill) Good luck!


Unknown said...

Cool, you've already got cucumbers from your garden! Thanks for the recipe, I never had pickles with garlic and I'm looking forward to make and try some.

Monika said...

This was so easy and fast! i know, this year the cucumbers are all over the place. But I needed it, last year they got killed by cucumber beetles early in the season so I had nothing :-( While pickling, make sure that the lids got sealed nicely. I just lost 2 jars because they got spoiled while I was on vacation and couldn't check :-(